Happy Dad


I’m here to help. Or at least try to guide you away from some of the numerous Dad fails I’ve made in the past.
When is comes to parenting advice I think men are fairly overlooked. Is it possible for a man to be sensitive and present enough to appreciate their child being (7th snowflake from the left) at the same time as being a bread-winning, spider-removing investigator of bumps in the night?
If it is possible, how do you also stay sane when you’re suddenly expected to do this 30% more work on 30% less energy?


Hello, I’m James and I’m a married dad of 3 awesome kids. I’m also a wannabe ukulele playing Brazilian Jui Jitsu legend, sorry that’s not relevant at all. When I became a dad in 2012 there didn’t seemed to be much in the way of parenting advice for dads. Sadly I still don’t think there is. I don’t have all the answers but I do have some. In these (some free, some hopefully fairly priced) e books and video tutorials I think you may find some support or at least find a hopefully entertaining and positive perspective of how to be a dad and not lose yourself or your mind in the process.