Are you Parent Fit? The night feeds. The carrying screaming leg kicking toddlers out of shops. Dad being a donkey in the garden. Your body can take some abuse as a parent. Is yours as battle ready as it could be. 1-2 minutes spare a day?

I can help you get better.

I have created and sell a 14 day video course directed at tired and out of shape parents who say the following. I have totally said all of the following several times.

1) They have no time to get the gym.
2) They have no energy to get to the gym
3) They have no money to get the gym or buy kit
4) They have partners who would not be impressed if you suggested having exercise kit anywhere in the house.

My 14, 4-5 minute "PHIT-ENUFF" videos will show people exactly how with (proper technique) to do exercises using absolutely no kit just their body weight while they can also doing house work to win some brownie points!

 I will be charging a flat one off price of £49 for this course.

I have deliberately kept the price way down because I want genuinely want people to succeed and don't want a lack of money to be the reason the can't get involved.

In case you are interested here is how I got to this price based on the current price of beer in the UK.

Apparently after Germans and Australians the British drink more beer per person than any other country in the World!

The most expensive pint is unsurprisingly found in London at a whopping £5.65 / $7.26! You really should be allowed to keep the glass for that nose bleed inducing price!

My home town of Brighton isn't far behind at £4.24 / $5.45!

 The cheapest pint can be found in Yorkshire for approximately  £3.50- $4.50

I have been that same exhausted, overweight, frustrated Dad and I genuinely want to help people so I am using the cheapest pint as my basis.

£3.50 x 14 days £49

So if you forfeited less than the cost of the cheapest UK pint of beer per day you could afford to do this course. I will also show an adaptation in each video so that this 14 day class could actually become a 28 day course or a 56 day course.

In case people say or think anything along the lines of

 "who are you to give parents or anyone advice about staying healthy?"

This list below is by no ways a "check me out!" show off list. It's more of a way of showing you that if someone like me, who has really struggled with exercise and weight all his life can do this, you can totally do this. I am also hoping the videos are mildly entertaining to make it even easier to digest.

I can and do take my own advice, daily.

I struggled with obesity as a children and up to the age of 25. I still have an ongoing battle with my waist line. That said....

1) I have trained for and completed a full marathon every year since the year 2000. I have my place booked in for Brighton 2019.

Marathons completed some several times.
(Brighton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Dublin, Beachy Head, Nottingham and London)

2) I taught myself to swim properly in 2014 and now work as a Seafront officer supporting the Lifeguards. This job meant having to obtain the SLSGB Beach lifeguard qualification. I also have to pass this swim test every year.You have to be able to swim 400 metres (16 lengths) in 7.30 seconds or less.
My PB of 7.12 is dangerously close. It gets harder to stay under 7.30 every year but with sea swimming and pool training I manage it.
3) I still use the pull up bar outside on the garage wall daily and can still do 20 in one go. Not amazing, I know but not bad for a greying 42 year old.
4) I bike the 12 mile round trip to work 5 times a week.
4) I train Brazilian Jui Jitsu 1-2 a week and most of the time can just about walk or bike home unassisted!
5) More importantly I have all the energy I need to be the supportive husband and fun Dad I want to be for my family.

To make £100,000 I would need to sell approximately 2,041 of these courses.

Anyway I'm pretty excited about all this and reckon it's totally achievable. Good luck with all of your own projects and thanks again Jesse for the video.

PS I have loads of other video course ideas about how to help you become a proper legend in the pool, confident in the sea, on the BJJ mats, at home or how to feel more confident out in the big bad World.